рецепт салата на английском языке)

рецепт салата на английском языке)

  • Components
    1. Language of pork boiled-2 piece.
    2. Carrots young-1 piece.
    3. Potatoes fresh-1 piece the large
    4. Cucumbers fresh-salted small — 6 pieces
    5. Piece eggs-4.
    6. Peas of-420 g half-banks
    For filling:
    7. G sour cream 20 %-150
    8. Horse-radish-1 teaspoon
    9. Mustard-1 teaspoon
    10. Powder sugar — a half-teaspoon
    11. Juice lemon — 2 teaspoons
    12. Fennel fresh chopped-1 tablespoon
    13. Pepper black svezhemoloty.
    Way of preparation

    1. To start to prepare my Olivier it is necessary in advance — from a low-pickles of cucumbers. According to your favourite recipe.

    2. Then the day before it is necessary to weld languages. In boiling water to lower the washed-out languages, lets begin to boil, merge, wash out. To fill in with fresh boiled water, to add a bulb, bell pepper and fragrant and to cook half an hour. Then to put ukropny stalks, still a half-hour to boil — for piggy language quite and enough. To douse ice water, to clear. And by all means to devour hot the top part of a uvula — fat and gentle! It is important!

    3. Eggs to cook to lower in cold water and from the moment of boiling to cook 5 minutes. To remove from fire and to sustain 2 more minutes, then to fill in with ice water before cooling. I consider it as the important moment — on taste of eggs depends much. There is no taste, there is no look. Clear — by itself!

    4. Carrots I cook the cleared — as, however, and potatoes. For Olivier. Taste is purer. When cooking I put in boiled water where I add a little sugar. Slightly salt and pieces of 5 tminovy sunflower seeds. Time depends on size, but carrots should be elastic. After cooking to douse ice water.

    5. Potatoes can be boiled in water with a lemon segment. But today I wouldnt like to interrupt delicate ukropno-caraway summer aroma. Therefore I simply baked it in микре. Also cooled — no haste should allow to you to mix warm and cold products!

    6. Now it is possible to begin isnt present — not to crumble yet. At first cast away peas — it is necessary, that it completely flew down is too very much influences taste of salad!

    7. And now we will chop products small and whenever possible equal cubes Well is at whom from where hands grow Though I also tried Yes — will be eggs kroisht-odiin a yolk postpone — it is useful!

    8. Lets lay out small groups in a spacious bowl where it will be possible to mix, without rumpling products. Lets strew black svezhemoltym-!-pepper. It too is important! Lets set aside, without disturbing.

    9. Also we will undertake sauce. Certainly, Olivier dress with mayonnaise. BUT — summer store-that more in a heat — and at us became warmer, though rains — somehow not comme il faut.mozhno most braid-BUT-IF honest погружной the blender died one of these days Krom of that is in the summer crude egg .Не it would would be desirable — children at me Therefore we do the swept-away sauce — will be not worse some mayonnaise!

    10. Lets pound in a pan that postponed yolk with mustard, a horse-radish and fennel. Lets water with lemon juice, we will powder with powder and once again we will pound. Lets add dense fresh and holodnyushchy sour cream — too important and we will carefully stir. Try — correct on taste-and-well after all not bad, and?

    11. Now we will accurately fill salad, we will mix and we will submit to a table. At once!

    12. Try! However, it is tasty?

  • I would like to present my pineapple-salad recipe to you.


    2 tins of pineapple pieces about 700gm
    About 350-400 gm of hard cheese
    2-3 clove of garlic
    1 tin (200gm) of mayonnaise

    Grate cheese and garlic using medium shredding grater.
    Remove pineapple syrup.
    Mix pineapple pieces, shredded cheese and garlic;
    Do it using a fork, carefully, trying not to smash pineapple pieces.
    Then add mayonnaise and mix it.
    It is recommended to cool the salad before serving.

    Also the recipe is very simple, the salad tastes very originally.